What our clients have to says!

Hi, I’m just writing you a quick email to let you know that Bitsy arrived safely and is doing great. We cannot believe how tiny this little angel is!!! She is so friendly and can’t stop giving us kisses. We are absolutely in love! Thank you so much for letting us adopt her. We could not be happier.
Love, Claire

Well, he made it! He was so happy to see us it was precious! I cannot believe how small he is I was shocked.I LOVE him!!!!!!!!! He slept with me on my pillow right next to my face. He is PERFECT!!!! So tiny I’m afraid I’m gonna break him. Thanks a million times he is worth every penny I paid. I didn’t realize you are in Huntington Beach, I have a friend from college who lives there too we visited her there many years ago it’s so pretty. Again thanks and I’ll send pics as he gets older. He truly is my Chihuahua Dream come true.
Kelly Green

Hi! Snicker is doing great, I renamed him Ozzie. He loves my little female chi they get along great. I’ll send pictures soon I took some I just have to remember to bring my sd card to work. He has his vet visit on Monday morning. I saw little Dante on your web sight he is adorable does he have the same parents?


They are GORGEOUS!!!!!
We gave them water and food immediately when they gave them to us at the airport. They inhaled the food!! My husband even said he would love a black/tan female if this litter has one. What a softie he is!!!! I can not wait to introduce them to my daughters~ Everyone at the airport was oohing and aaahing. I felt like a celebrity!! Maple is bigger than we thought and Luna is smaller than we thought. They are dolls! I love that Luna still has puppy breath!! And Maple is a big-time kisser!!! I will send photos on Sunday! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Love, Alexandra

Cody, Dylan and I want to thank you so much for Chloe & Roxy. They are the cutest little girls and we just love them and I would say from all the kisses they give us that they love us too! They love to snuggle and make us laugh when they play like little kittens. We couldn’t be happier with our little “California Girls”!


Lexi made it just fine, she was a bit freaked out but warmed up quickly giving kisses and wagging her tail. Pocito is thrilled to have a playmate and won’t leave her alone! She is adorable and very spunky. We love her already.
Thanks again our Chihuahua clan is now complete!
We’ll send pictures soon.

Hi, Flash arrived safe and sound. He was a little shaky at the airport so i gave him some nutra-cal right away and he also ate a few pieces of his kibble on the way home. He ate a little more when I got him home and I am letting him relax and get acclimated. You breed truly beautiful puppies and he is everything I expected and more. Thank you so very much, you truly made this an easy experience and I would highly recommend “Chihuahua Dreams” to anyone interested in buying a high-quality chihuahua. Flash is truly awesome. Thanks again and I will keep you updated if you are interested. Thanks and much appreciation, Bill Bradshaw

Hi, I hope you got my text last night when we got him, but if you didn’t he is adjusting better than we expected. He and Ellie played until like 2 in the morning because they fell in love right away! He is such a love. We are so happy that he’s in our lives. He is super happy here and we are all so grateful that he is around. What a cutie pie!

Well, Charlie is here and in great shape! He popped out of his create tail wagging and giving kisses! He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit of goose chase around the air port trying to find AA cargo but we made it, he made it and all is good. He is such a character, happy, healthy and very, very sweet! We’ve decided to call him “Beans”!


We have our little baby! He is so perfect, cute, and tiny! WE LOVE
HIM!!!! He made his flight fine and I tried giving him some food but
he wasn’t very hungry. He is so perfect and we couldn’t be happier.
Thanks for everything!!! We will let you know how he’s doing and how
the vet goes.